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I am a Passionate Audio Book Narrator and Story Teller, and Singer-Songwriter, with a natural Western / Midwestern accent. I love moving the listener in ways that only a true artist can do. I have a versatile vocal range and am very articulate. I love to perform Natural, British, other European, and even Southern accents. I am particularly fond of Fiction; but with a Particular flare for Post Apocalyptic, Mystery, and Thriller, LitRPG, and even a little Romance. I would love to help you take your listeners on a journey they won't forget, or if you are an Audiobook fan; I would love to take you on a journey that you won't soon forget.  

I have loved acting and singing - since I was a small boy...  But being a loving father of three beautiful girls and a husband to an amazing and beautiful Woman - well, raising a Family and sending my beautiful Girls through college - required hard work and a steady income…  We are in a place now where I can finally spend my work time doing what I truly love - and that's Story Telling.   I've acted since elementary school.  I'm also an avid singer/songwriter, musician, and sound producer. Two years ago - my career took a wonderful turn into the world of Audiobook Narration, and I truly love it.    I will take our listeners on a Wonderful and Immersive Journey, and will do so with passion, dedication, and relentless effort - and, with a love for this art that is essential in immersive Narration.   I will create stunning quality sound and the Character that you always intended in your writing.  As a lifetime lover of literature and just plain old great stories - I understand what it means to be swept away by a story.    As a United States Military Veteran, and an Avid Outdoorsman, Mountain-Climber, and overall Adventurist - I have some unique perspectives and elements to my storytelling capabilities.   As A Business Man, I am a good communicator and collaborator -- and will manage our business together with the utmost professionalism and dedication, warmth, and friendliness.  I love Character dialogue and age and gender variations.   I’m comfortable with accents, and am a lifetime student of the art, and always endeavor to learn something new.   I absolutely love what I do, and that can not possibly help finding its way into my narrating.  

In my first two years - I have Narrated and Produced more than twenty-five Audiobooks - now available on Audible, Amazon, and Apple, and  I always have a new production in the works   Links for some of my favorites can be found below.


An Anecdote on the evolution of a Narrator

I remember when I recorded my first Audiobook - I thought it was pretty good.  I mean,  I really liked it, and thought - "Wow - I'm good at this."   I think the old adage is true that we hear what we wish to hear... because - it was truly awful.  When I listen to it now, I shudder.   In fact - I cringe when listening to my first several Audiobooks.   I've grown tremendously over the past two years that I've been Narrating and Producing professionally - and have worked very hard to become a fan favorite.  I sometimes wish that I could go back and re-produce my first few Audiobooks.  I have certainly evolved since then.   And like anything else - we usually get better at the things we do - the more we do them... That could certainly not be more true of me as a Narrator.  I genuinely love storytelling - and I've studied, and practiced, and learned continuously every day.  Now - today - with all audiobooks that I record and produce - I truly believe that I have found my voice - and can spin a very good tale. I hope you will not judge me too unkindly for my earlier Audiobooks, but rather, embrace, and immerse yourself into my later works.  They are truly worth it -- and know that I am ever a student and strive endlessly to tell my next story better than the last.  God Bless, and happy listening ~ B.C.


Audiobooks Available Now

Here are some of my most recent  Audiobook Titles.  I've included Samples for each - as well as a link to request a free copy, and a Link to Audible to Purchase.   I will be happy to provide you with a Free Copy If I have any left to give away... I only have a handful of copies to give away for each title - and once they're gone - they're gone.


Alien Safari

Written by Robert Appleton - Narrated by B.C. Archer

" Warning! Wildlife may be dangerous. Proceed beyond this point at your own risk.

When celebrated Omicron detective Ferrix Vaughn is called in to investigate a deadly breach on Hesperidia, a protected planet full of indigenous wildlife, he doesn't know what to expect. The place used to be a tourist attraction, but the safari tours were discontinued long ago due to rampant poaching. Only a handful of researchers live there now, including Jan Corbija, the young woman who reported the breach.

The deeper Vaughn digs, the more the evidence seems to point to a recent raid on a biotech facility in a nearby system. Whatever was stolen from there, it's attracted the attention of major political players in a time of war across the colonies. Vaughn suspects the secret is on Hesperidia, in the hands of the two fugitives who fled the murder scene.

If he wants to get to them first, he's going to need Jan's help. Her Alien Safari tour will have to reopen for this final excursion. But to survive it, they'll both need to face their demons, for a predator far deadlier than man roams the wilds of Hesperidia. And this is its killing season.

This way for the ride of your life."


Alone at the End of the World

Written by M.P. McDonald - Narrated by B.C. Archer

As a deadly virus decimates the world’s population, survivors struggle to find each other. After all, nobody wants to be Alone at the End of the World.

Thirteen-year-old Ethan should be practicing his skateboard moves, not watching his family members die, one by one. He knows he could become a victim of the evil infection at any minute. Scared and alone, he fills his backpack and goes in search of other survivors, hoping he lives long enough to find someone. Anyone.

When Cassie sees the bodies of neighbors and strangers littering what had been pristine front lawns, she realizes her intense focus on business and family may have saved their lives. How does a single mom and her two kids survive an apocalypse alone?

Noah emerges from his two-week fishing trip in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, shocked to learn that a devastating pandemic has swept the world. Should he venture into the fray to find other survivors or retreat into the woods and isolate himself as long as he can?

When their paths converge, they face a new struggle ─ learning to trust total strangers as if their very survival depends on it... because it does. Sympatico Syndrome is intent on sparing no one.


Dead State - Catalyst - Book 0

Written by Derek Shupert - Narrated by B.C. Archer

A prehistoric patient zero. An infectious primal hunger. Some discoveries are better left buried…

Research Station, Siberia. Madison Price would go to the ends of the earth to be part of archeological history. So when a team of scientists uncover an ice-preserved Neanderthal, she puts a personal tragedy to the side to exhume the body. But after one of the scientists starts exhibiting strange, violent symptoms, Madison fears their discovery has unleashed a lethal virus.

With the remote lab under a panicked lockdown, Madison's dream excavation decays into a waking nightmare. As more members of the team turn rabid, the archaeologist and the remaining survivors may be humanity's last hope.

Can Madison contain the epidemic before it's unleashed upon the world?

Catalyst is the prequel in a gripping post-apocalyptic zombie series. If you like strong-minded heroes, race-against-the-clock suspense, and undead encounters, then you'll love Derek Shupert's action-packed ride.


Dead State - Complete Boxset

Written by Derek Shupert - Narrated by B.C. Archer

A prehistoric virus. An infectious primal hunger. Some discoveries are better left buried…

James would much rather hang out with his friends than go hunting with his father, the survivalist. What starts out as another uneventful trip, however, takes a hard turn for the worse when they’re attacked without explanation. Panic stricken and running for his life, trying to get back to his family, James and a handful of other survivors are forced to fight an enemy they cannot beat on grounds they do not know.  The odds are not in their favor, but if they want to survive, they must venture deep into the deadly unknown, right down to the heart of his ravenous horde…

The Complete Dead State series is an action-packed survival story focusing on fortitude, strength of character, and the power of community. If you like spine-crawling suspense mixed with post-apocalyptic grit, this is an edge-of-your seat tale you can’t afford to miss!

The Complete Dead State is perfect for fans of David Simpson, Christopher Artinian, and Peter Meredith. Grab all five full-length thrillers, plus the Novella (Catalyst), at 60% off and start binge reading the series today!


“The action never stops and each book leaves you jonesing for the next one!”

– Amazon reviewer ★★★★★

"Great characters lots of action, undead, all wrapped up in an awesome story!" 

- Amazon reviewer ★★★★★

"I cannot say it enough…if you have not read this author then you are missing out! If you like a fast pace and lots of action storyline then this is the series for you!" 

- Amazon reviewer ★★★★★

"Everyone who likes end of world fiction must try this series." 

- Amazon reviewer ★★★★★



  • Dead State: Catalyst (Prequel)

  • Dead State: Fallout

  • Dead State: Survival Road

  • Dead State: Executioner

  • Dead State: Immune

  • Dead State: Evolved


Dead State Evolved

Written by Derek Shupert - Narrated by B.C. Archer

The 5th and Final Book in the Dead State Series: 

Everyone he loved is gone. To get them back, he’ll have to fight through zombie hell.

Fifteen-year-old James is in a blind panic. Regaining consciousness after his escape chopper crashes, he’s horrified to find no sign of his faithful dog… or his sister. Enraged when he learns she’s been kidnapped, he enlists the help of a grizzled sniper seeking redemption.

Bloody and broken, James undertakes a desperate race to rescue the girl and the cure her cells contain before she’s auctioned off to the highest bidder. But his road is rigged with lethal traps laid by hungry chasers that have somehow learned to use the brains they’ve been craving.

Can James outsmart the ravenous predators to save his sister… and the world?

Evolved is the nail-biting fifth book in the Dead State post-apocalyptic series. If you like crafty zombies, resilient humans, and gritty rebellions, then you’ll love Derek Shupert’s chilling epic.


Taming Julia

Written by Jodie Wolfe - Narrated by B.C. Archer

In 1875, Kansas bachelor Drew Montgomery's sole desire is to serve God, but his congregation's ultimatum that he marry or leave forces him to advertise for a wife by proxy.
Jules Walker strides into Drew's life wearing breeches and toting a gun and saddle - more cowboy than bride. After years on the trail, she's not exactly wife material, but she longs for home and family and will do anything to ensure Drew never discovers what she really is.


Recovery: V-Plague Book 8

Written by Dirk Patton - Narrated by B.C. Archer

Tinker Air Force Base has fallen to the infected. Rachel's plane to Seattle has been shot down over a mountain wilderness in Idaho. Is she alive? It is up to John, Katie and Dog to race against time, invading armies, blizzards, herds of infected and vicious wild predators to reach the crash site. As they fight their way across the country, they must come to grips with the new reality of the world, and devise a long term plan for their survival.


Dungeon Core Academy

Written by Alex Oakchest - Narrated by B.C. Archer

You only live once…unless you’re resurrected to become the master of a dungeon.

When Beno died and was offered a second chance as a dungeon core, he dived right in. He joined the dungeon core academy, and he found himself in a new life where killing heroes wasn’t just accepted, but encouraged. Under the tutelage of the academy overseers, he learned how to make dungeons filled with monsters and traps.

Now he has finally been given his own dungeon, and he must pass his final test. Either build a dungeon powerful enough to slay heroes, or fail and get smashed up into core dust. He will apply all his diabolical dungeon strategy to succeed, but what happens when an unexpected visitor walks into his lair?

He used to live a normal life. Now he builds dungeons, creates monsters, and uses them to fight loot-hungry heroes.


Lost Colony

Written by A.L. White - Narrated by B.C. Archer

Wyatt Springfield just wanted to finish his last tour of duty and retire. Ordered on a secret mission at the far side of the known universe, Wyatt and the crew of the Cutlass travel to the corporate colony on the planet Volturnus 3 to search for answers to the riddle of the missing colonist, where they find the corporation's dark secrets.


Dead State: Fallout

Written by Derek Shupert - Narrated by B.C. Archer

The First Book in the Dead State Series:  Fifteen-year-old James would much rather hang with friends than go hunting with his survivalist dad. But the boring weekend trip turns into a living horror when they're attacked by an undead horde. Terrified and confused, James has no choice but to escape with his trusty dog through a forest stained with blood....

Teaming up with his best friend, James frantically fights his way back to his missing family. But on a trail of clues littered with corpses, reaching his loved ones means venturing deeper into the deadly unknown....

Can James reunite with his family before he's consumed by a relentless pack of zombies?

Fallout is the first book in a gritty post-apocalyptic series. If you like spine-crawling suspense, ruthless zombies, and rugged survival stories, then you'll love Derek Shupert's dark coming-of-age tale.



Exciting New Audiobooks Currently in Production - and Coming Soon

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"It's the newest, most thrilling sightseeing cruise in the Alien Safari brochure.

For ranger Jan Corbija, ferrying rich tourists around the aquatic wonders of Hesperidia's islands helps to fund her important scientific research. But her final 'White Water' tour of the season might just be one sail too many when passengers steal her equipment for a dive into uncharted depths, triggering a tragic series of events.

A leisurely cruise becomes a race against time when a young girl is swept overboard during a storm, and Jan's beloved dog, Stopper, jumps in to rescue her. Jan will stop at nothing to find them, even if it means risking the safety of everyone on board. As the deep-sea salvage operation grows into an invasion force, she must contend with hostile humans and alien creatures alike in her quest to retrieve her brave canine companion and the girl in his charge.

Help arrives in the shape of her famous detective boyfriend, Ferrix Vaughn, who's left a crucial bombing investigation to come to her aid. But he soon realizes something unprecedented has been lost on Hesperidia. A secret from long ago. A secret that could change the course of human history.

It's past the point of no return for adventure and excitement in this white-knuckle sequel to the acclaimed Alien Safari."

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Infection - Rise of the Undead
Kenny wakes to what he thinks is just another day, but nothing could be further from the truth. Radio commentators speak about people biting and ripping each other apart, but even then he doesn’t want to believe what he hears. At least not until he witnesses it firsthand. Seeing the barman getting quartered by a mob of raving madmen, he runs and hides in a hardware store. Momentary safety turns into horror when he realizes that his wife and family are still out there, alone and unprotected. It will be up to him and his friends to save those dearest to them and seek shelter in a faraway farmhouse he knows could provide them with a safe haven. But never has a plan survived with the first contact, and neither does his.



If you would like to consider me for work on your Audiobook or Voice-Over Production work - I'd love to hear from you.  My Production Schedule usually stays quite full but I absolutely Love what I do and will find openings for the right projects!

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As a Voice-Over Artist - The Best Studio and Equipment are Essential.  My Studio is setup within a WhisperRoom.  Sound Isolation and proper Acoustics are very important in Audiobook Production.  My Recording Software of Choice is Adobe Audition as it affords me the utmost of control, sound quality, and easy punch & roll operation.   As for My Equipment - today I utilize an Universal Audio Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interface With a Neumann TLM 107 Condenser Microphone

I also utilize a Macbook Pro for my Platform.   I continually strive for improved Sound Excellence and tryout new equipment often.  I am always open to improving my sound quality above an already very high bar.   Please Contact me if you'd like to talk about work we may do together.  I am a very personable and highly professional fellow with a true passion for this Art.