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The Day America Died! New Beginnings: After the EMP

Written By A J Newman,  Narrated By B.C. Archer

The Day America Died! New Beginnings: After the EMP

Written by A J Newman - Narrated by B.C. Archer

The Day America Died: New Beginnings
Zack Johnson has been living day by day since his divorce. Helplessly lost without the woman he once loved, he spends most days drinking to excess and chasing women for an hour or two of meaningless pleasure.
It seems like his rudderless life is as empty as the pile of bottles in his yard, but when rogue nations conspire to knock out the US grid, using primitive nuclear weapons to create a shattering EMP blast, the country he loves is suddenly transported back 150 years.
With technology all but destroyed, Zack knows that he has to stand up and be counted as the country becomes a lawless wasteland, filled with vagabond gangs and danger lurking behind every bush.
But Zack is 2,000 miles from home, and as the government begins to crack down and things spiral out of control, he knows he only has a limited amount of time to get to his daughter and bring her to the safety of his Kentucky farm.
Along the way, he will face danger like never before. But can he reach Callie before she comes to harm or is placed in a relocation camp? With the odds stacked against him, Zack will do anything it takes.



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The Day America Died - "Old Enemies" takes off where New Beginnings left off. Zack is still recovering from his loss and trying to prepare his friends and family for the challenges of surviving in a new world full of danger and criminals around every corner. They meet a lot of good people and run into some dangerous "Old Enemies" in this Post Apocalyptic tale.

The USA has been attacked with nuclear devices detonated several hundred miles inland and a hundred miles above our country. The shit hit the fan, our country has seen the apocalypse and is now trying to survive in this post-apocalyptic world. There is no electricity, transportation and people are dying from starvation, disease and violence. Zack Johnson is no hero, but he does have some valuable skills to help him survive. He was a thousand miles from home, the grid and all modern transportation had failed. The country had degenerated into violence and dog eat dog scenarios. People are killing their neighbors for a scrap of moldy bread or a sip of water. The remnants of the US Government are not helpful and we find out why the government has not helped during this disaster. Zack made it back to Kentucky and has his daughter safely at his farm, but lost the woman he loved. Now he must make a new life for his daughter and friends even though he finds danger around every corner and doesn't know who to trust.

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The Day America Died! Frozen Apocalypse

Zack and his team started over after being driven from their homes to a hideout in the woods. The USA was attacked with nuclear EMP weapons, has no power and food is in short supply. It is now mid-winter and while Zack and his friends prepared for survival many of their neighbors are cold and starving. A corrupt mayor has taken control of the food supply and only doles it out to his supporters. In the middle of this fight for survival, the USA is now being invaded making life in the USA questionable at best. Zack's team must decide where they want to make a new home or flee the country. What can Zack do to lead his team to success?