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Well - so much has happened since my last post

Hello from B.C. Archer. I've grown so much since my last post (though it wasn't really my last). One thing I learned was how to properly save Blog Posts :). I must have written 15 since my very first Blog Post - but I didn't submit them properly so they are lost in the ether of space forever. Well it's time to put some work in on my latest works and Hope that you will forgive me for such an unintended LONG absence (though not really absent). I've had the wonderful pleasure of working with a tremendously talented Sci-Fi Author over the past few weeks (Robert Appleton) and we've just released our first Audiobook Together ~ Alien Safari ~ It's by far my favorite Audiobook thus far. I feel as if I've truly discovered my missing story-telling skills (that I honestly didn't notice I was missing) and it's just a wonderfully written Story. I have some free codes for this title and will share all I have - simply request one via email to me - and I'll get one to you right away. I'm also doing a lot of Romance under a secret Pseudonym. It's okay to ask me about that too :). Well hasn't this past year been just such a wonderful pandemic year... let's all hope and pray that we can put this terrible world even behind us for good soon. I have taken advantage of the time though - and have built a second recording studio at our Mountain Cabin. I've outfitted it with identical gear as in my Primary home studio so that I can travel between them and continue my work wherever I am. I'm currently working on a fun Scottish Zombie Tale - called "Infection - Rise of the Undead". It's a fast paced and action packed Story that you're sure to love - if you love good old fashioned flesh-eating zombie tales as much as I do - with a bit of a Scottish twist. Please ask me more about this series as well. Well - time to get some studio time in - and I sincerely hope to hear from you. Cheers ~ B.C.

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